15 Best Paying Jobs for Women in 2019

Picking the right career is a tough decision that can haunt you even after gaining two-four years of experience from your first big job. For some, they have stuck with pursuing a career related to the degree they earned, while others are sitting on a bench wondering if going for a career change is the right choice.

Choosing a job shouldn’t solely be about the salary. It’s about a person’s passion for the craft, because working at a job you don’t like or understand is bad for morale, and can be detrimental to you and the company. But of course, with great passion should come an acceptable paycheck.

For the best paying jobs in the market, we listed the top 15 that could help you decide what career to pursue:



Pilot – Becoming a commercial airline pilot requires months of stressful training and a bachelor’s degree in related aviation fields. The training includes licensure exams, physical exams, mastering advanced flight maneuvers, and a minimum of 150 logged hours of flight time. If it seems daunting, just remember that a daring Filipina by the name of Aimee Carandang went through it all and became Asia’s first female pilot back in 1993. Take that as inspiration that you may one day soar with the legends.

Expected Monthly Salary Range: P50-90k, plus an assortment of allowance benefits

Flight Attendant – Unlike the requirements for pilots, airlines require flight attendants to focus on presentability, maintaining elegance and professionalism under pressure. Flight attendants are expected to have great communication skills and a pleasing personality. The physical requirements, on the other hand, may vary, though airlines typically look for candidates with perfect vision, a nice set of teeth, and a height of 5’3 and above.

Expected Salary Range: P30-69k, plus an assortment of allowance benefits


Computer Science

Software Developer – The age of technology has brought about a demand for programmers. Companies far and wide hire talented coders to create the software they need or needing someone to work out the kinks. These can be computer programs, mobile applications, or something in between.

Expected Monthly Salary Range: 25k-70k

Web Developer – Web devs and software devs are like apples and peaches– both are similar, yet different in their own way. Web developers focus primarily on website development, which includes but is not limited to website design, website programming, and ensuring site and server stability.

Expected Monthly Salary: 25k-70k



Architects – Structures are more than just four walls, a roof, and a door. Architects are responsible for creating building designs that map out a project’s specifications. There’s also a trend amongst architects on incorporating sustainable designs that maximize energy efficiency and waste reduction.

Expected Monthly Salary: 25k-60k



Accountancy – There’s a lot of misconceptions out there that paint accountancy as a boring but financially fulfilling job. Being an accountant isn’t all about taxes and spreadsheets. It’s about knowing how money flows in and understanding how the financial future of a company. On the other hand, if you want a bit more excitement, accountants can lean towards a more exciting line of work through anti-fraud jobs and financial forensics.

Expected Monthly Salary: 25k-300k

Economic Researcher – As an economic researcher, your goal is to find, interpret, and utilize economic data, which can aid in understanding economic trends. The job is a continuous learning experience as researchers are subject to understand various topics related to the company or industry they’re in. If you have an itch for learning new things, then this is the perfect job to strive for.

Expected Monthly Salary: 25k-60k



Lawyer – Lawyers are almost always in demand thanks to the flexibility of the job and the high standard requirements for becoming a law person. Don’t expect to be the master of all things law-related once you pass the bar exam. Lawyers tend to specialize in specific types of laws, like say Intellectual Property law and Elder law; You don’t need to be an expert on both unless your case calls for it.

Expected Monthly Salary: 30k-150k

Legal Consultant – An alternate career in law and order. Unlike lawyers who defend and/or prosecute, legal consultants advise people or companies what they should and shouldn’t do. Expected Monthly Salary: 50k-120k



Doctor – Like lawyers and airline pilots, becoming a doctor means going through years of licensure exams and training. The qualifications required are daunting, but not impossible. Being a doctor can be a life-changing experience. You meet with patients, learn their life stories, advise them, cure them, and so on. Be a benefit to humanity through medicinal expertise.

Expected Monthly Salary:20k-90k

Pharmacist – Pharmacists aren’t just glorified, clinic cashiers. They are prescription drug experts and know what a patient should take and what they shouldn’t take it with. The customer’s health is their business too, as they keep a record of their required meds and transaction history to ensure that they’re getting the drugs they need.

Expected Salary: 20k-70k

Dentist – A tiny little toothache can be a huge detriment to your everyday life. Dentists focus on alleviating oral-related problems. Like doctors, patients tend to return to the clinic for checkups, which can be a gateway to finding new friends and connections that can aid you in personal ventures you plan to pursue.

Expected Salary: 20k-40k



Public Relations – A job that takes the expression ‘keeping good company’ quite literally. Public Relations officers are responsible for managing a company’s reputation with the public, partners, and shareholders. They plan campaigns to appeal to the masses while minimizing the risk of negative press affecting their business. If they’re crafty, spin bad publicity into free advertising.

Expected Salary: 30k-80k

Research Analyst – The marketing version of economic researchers. Research analysts are responsible for providing the data companies through quantitative or qualitative research, the former focusing on statistical findings and the latter on social opinion and detail.

Expected Salary: 20k-40k



Writing | Video Editing | Animation | Art | 3D | Programmer | Translator | Photography – 

Some earn a decent living working for companies, while others use their skills to cut out the middleman to earn their bread and butter themselves. The beauty of working in the modern age is the ease of earning and learning for freelancers around the world. Freelancers sacrifice the benefits of working with a company to earn twice, even thrice as much as what the job market can offer people of their talents. Freelancing isn’t just a wonderful career opportunity, it’s also a way for fresh graduates to build up their reputation and for stay-at-home moms to earn money while taking care of their children.

Expected Salary: Varies on the job and the agreement between the freelancer and client. 

                              Ex. Artists can charge per commission or per hour

                                    Writers can charge per word count or per article



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