Fun and Cheap Date Ideas You Can Arrange This Quarantine

With the current lockdown and quarantine situation, going on dates may not be the wisest thing right now. Couple that with the fact that your budget may be tight due to the economy on a downturn, it may not be in anyone’s best interest to go all out on expensive dates once the COVID-19 crisis ends. But while you’re social distancing at home, here are some fun and cheap date ideas you can set up with your partner.

Eating at home

Who says you have to go to a high-end restaurant to have a good time? Just prepare a few sandwiches and drinks or maybe have a full-on cook-off with your beau. Then you can just sit with them and eat while finding comfort in their presence. If you need ideas for meals, there are tons of easy-to-prepare meals on the Internet.

Netflix movie marathon

Going to the movies is not recommended at the moment, not to mention the cost in food and actually traveling to the cinema. Why not just go on Netflix and binge-watch your favorite movies and series? You can even search for movies and shows that both you and your partner haven’t watched so you can discover new stories together. Look at the new releases and trending sections for the latest and most popular shows at the moment if you’re stuck on deciding what to watch.

Workout date

If you’re both into fitness, then a workout date might just be the best thing for you. Turn your guest room or backyard into a makeshift room where you can work up a sweat and get fit as a couple. This is also a good bonding time for you and your partner as you can look out and encourage each other in becoming physically fit.

Errand run

Going out for chores is usually a bore to do if you’re alone. But with your partner, you can make grocery shopping, picking up the laundry, and more a fun bonding experience. Bringing them while you go do your errands also means you have some assistance with you, whether it’s carrying those few extra bags of groceries, organizing your to-do list, or even just having some fun conversation while you drive from one place to another.

Volunteer work

With so many disasters and crises befalling on our country and the whole world as of late, volunteering for these causes can help alleviate the negative effects of said events. Try to make your time with your significant other a fulfilling experience by doing social work. No doubt that with the COVID-19 crisis, you’ll be seeing a lot of donation drives long after it ends, so you’ll have a lot of charities to choose from.

Beginner classes

It’s fun to learn something new, but it’s even more fun if you’re doing it with someone you care about. There are a lot of affordable online classes you can sign up for with your significant other if you have the time. Cooking classes, pottery tutorials, gardening courses, and more – all these can fill the quality time you as a couple need. You can even make it a mini-competition by checking who does better by the end. And if you both do badly, at least you can laugh about it together.

Zoom date

Unlike the other items, this is a type of date you can do during quarantine despite being physically separated. Just open up the Zoom app, maybe prepare some food you have in stock, and spend time talking about whatever. It would be just like going out on a date even if you’re not there with each other. The best part is you don’t even have to dress up too fancy for it to work. Just an old shirt and sweatpants would do as long as you’re spending time with your special someone.

Though there’s nothing wrong with spending a lot of money for dates, sometimes it’s best to just settle for cheap ideas especially if you’re saving up or avoiding too many expenses. Any date can work if you and your partner are enjoying yourselves, and even cheap thrills can be fun and memorable with the right person by your side. Hopefully, we’ve given you lots of great ideas for spending romantic time amid the limitations of the current pandemic.

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