How To Be A Girl Boss

A lot of you women have probably heard of the term “Girl Boss”. There’s even a Netflix series of the same name. But what exactly does this term mean and how can you apply it to your daily life?

The Free Dictionary defines it as “a confident, capable woman who pursues her own ambitions instead of working for others or otherwise settling in life.” From here, we can definitely see that becoming one is a good thing and one that every professional Filipina should strive to be.

Here are ways you can be a fierce girl boss in your professional and daily lives.

Always be a go-getter

You can’t be a true leader if you’re not driven to reach your goals. Remember, no one ever got far with just sitting around. If you see opportunities that you feel can take your career to new heights, don’t be afraid to take it. You might come off as too competitive, but so long as you’re not stepping on anyone and are doing the right thing, don’t pay that criticism any mind.

Be confident in your skills

Have confidence in everything you do. You’re there for a reason, and people look up to you for what you can do, so there’s no need to be worried. Of course, we’re not saying that you can’t have insecurities, but you need to have the strength to overcome such thoughts and come out on top like the girl boss you are.

Treat everyone with respect

An effective leader is only as good as the people working for them, which is why you need to treat every single person with respect. It’s better to be respected out of love by your employees than out of fear. This should also extend to how you treat people you don’t know but are in close contact with daily, such as service workers, cleaning crews, and the like.

Don’t be a “nice” girl

This may seem to contradict the previous item, but let’s explain. Oftentimes, female leaders face more criticism than their male counterparts. They’re seen as bossy whereas men are seen as firm. Female leaders are supposedly irrational and angry while men are passionate. In the face of such comments, don’t back down. Be firm and bold and don’t compromise your leadership style just because there are those who overplay your strength as a negative.

Support other women

Last but not the least, to be a good leader, you need to be someone who supports other women in various endeavors. Several industries are so male-dominated that female representation among its ranks are so far and few in between. In such cases, we shouldn’t treat it as a competition on who the best woman is in the industry. Instead, we should rise together and contribute to more women being given opportunities in the fields they are good at regardless of their gender.

The term “girl boss” isn’t just a buzzword nor should it be used as one. Every woman in their respective industries should walk the talk and do what they can to embody what this term entails. That way, they can create a safe space for more women to enter the industry and encourage them to do their best in the midst of any obstacles placed in front of them.

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