How To Not Let Social Media Affect You

Social media has become quite prevalent in our society today. What was once a luxury is now something everyone, from children to even senior citizens, have. But with that comes the negatives such as the toxicity unleashed by users due to the anonymity social media lends. Aside from this, with how almost everyone has an account on these platforms, all the mishaps you could make have the potential to go viral and possibly destroy your life. And of course, there’s also the fake image people project on these platforms that affect those who do not have the same image.

With this, here are some tips you can consider to not let social media become toxic in your daily life.

Limit your social media exposure

The first thing you should do is to limit your social media usage and exposure. Don’t make browsing Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram the first and last thing you do every day. Allot a certain amount of time on your apps but spend the remaining on somewhere else. If possible, turn off the notifications unless it’s something important so you don’t make a habit of checking your phone all the time. That way, you aren’t as exposed to the negatives of social media and you can be more grounded in reality.

Make social media a positive experience

The toxicity of users in these platforms can have negative effects on one’s psyche, including depression. With this, you have to find a way to make social media a positive thing for you. This includes not taking part in any drama (unless absolutely necessary), avoiding spaces that trigger you, and using your accounts to make a difference. For example, instead of getting into petty arguments, why not use your platform to raise awareness of social causes? These are just some ways you can use these websites in a positive manner.

Know when to pull back and detox

If all else fails, you have to know when to pull back and go on a social media detox. Delete those apps (except for the ones you feel you absolutely need no matter what), set down your phone, and get into another hobby. This can be reading a new book, exercising, watching a new series, and more. Anything that can take your mind off of social media is a good thing and can also add to other activities that can fix your boredom.

As much as social media has been quite helpful in our daily lives, it still comes with a host of negativity if one isn’t careful enough or lets it consume them entirely. To avoid this, always be mindful of how you navigate in this digital social sphere. Choose spaces that you know will bring you joy and avoid mindless conflict. And in the instance that it becomes too much, learn how to get yourself out of that negative space for the sake of your mental health.

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