Kamala Harris: Making History As The First Woman Vice President Of The United States

Kamala Devi Harris, 56, became the first female vice president in American history, when she was sworn into office last January 21, 2021. Aside from this incredible feat, Harris also made history as the first black and Asian American to be appointed in this position.


Going back to her early journey, Harris has already been making an impression as a strong, female leader of diverse ethnicities. Some of her past accomplishments include becoming California’s first black attorney general, and the first woman of Asian descent elected to the US Senate.


While these achievements might still seem highly aspirational for many women of color, Harris gives reassurance from her victory speech. She stated that, “while I may be the first woman in this office, I won’t be the last.” This message was especially for the children of the country, to continue dreaming with ambition, regardless of their gender.


As for her position, the role of vice presidency is usually deemed only as ceremonial or not of great significance. However, Harris is anticipated to play a huge part in the Senate today. For while it is typically rare to break ties, Democrats and supportive independents are expected to control only 50 of the 100 senate seats this time. This means, most of the decision-making for the US senate could be evenly split into 50-50 with the Republicans.


In the long run, it is not yet certain whether US President Biden would run for a second term. Past interviews with Biden show how he has once considered himself a “transition candidate,” making his future plans regarding the esteemed position unclear. Because of this, it can be implied that VP Harris, then, might have a shot of making even bigger history in the future—if she runs to be the first female president ever in American history.


But for now, Harris is focused on making the most of the present. Following the historical inauguration with President Biden, she posted, “A new chapter begins today” and “Let’s get to work” on her official Twitter account. With this, the Biden-Harris tandem aims to mount an aggressive and coordinated response to combat COVID-19, and begin their administration in the best way possible.

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