Proven Ways To De-stress At Work

Stress has always been part of work, even if you are passionate about it. Loving what you do doesn’t exempt you from work-related stress like deadlines and presentation. Trust us. Feeling stressed at work is normal and can be managed by some of the following:

Talking With Someone You Trust

Feeling like you’re going to burst because of your frustrations? De-stress by talking to your family and friends. Who knows? They might show you how to view your situation differently.


At your desk all day? Go and take a short walk. Research shows that doing so can help your brain releases endorphins that can help liven and improve your mood.

Deep Breathing

This is easy and won’t take too much of your time. If you find yourself getting anxious, take long and deep breaths. Do this until you feel relaxed and ready to get back to work.


Loosen up your body and shake the stress away. If you’re feeling worn out, stretch your neck, arms, legs, and even your back to feel relief. This can also help increase blood flow in your body.


At times, you might end up feeling lost and disoriented because of the amount of work piled on you. So get a clearer view of things, take a step back and make a list of your tasks and prioritize accordingly.

Working Outside

Nature benefits all. This includes workers like you who are stressed out of their minds. Try working outside, probably a place with a view. After all, being surrounded by nature has a way of calming the mind.


Feels like your mind can’t get back to work made? Take your time to read something other than work. A new research has found that reading can actually relieve stress by more than two-thirds.


Take a short ten-minute nap to rest your mind. This will give your brain a rest from all the work you’re doing.

Drinking Tea

Workers tend to drink coffee. It’s a worker’s typical morning, afternoon, and evening staple. But did you know that coffee can lead to you getting more stressed? So instead of coffee, drinking tea is the way to go or probably anything else that doesn’t contain caffeine.

Listening To You

Remember: You deserve to take a rest. When your body and mind feels weary, don’t be afraid to take a break. Keep in mind that your health matters.

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