Stuff You Need To Clean Regularly

The current pandemic has made people a lot more hyper-aware in terms of their cleanliness and hygiene. With how easy it is for the virus to spread, it’s important that we do our part in cleaning and disinfecting as best we can. But with so many elements in our surroundings that we come in contact with, it’s understandable that we might be confused about where to start.

Here are some of the essential items you need to clean regularly for good health amid this outbreak.


Guidelines state that you need to wear masks whenever you’re going out. While initially, surgical masks were recommended, cloth masks were essentially allowed because the former was needed by frontliners and health workers. With that said, cloth masks should be cleaned regularly after every use. You can do so by washing them as you would do with your laundry. You can even use a washing machine to save time and effort.

Gadgets and devices

Phones, laptops, personal computers, and power banks are seeing more frequent use with everyone working from home and using gadgets to kill boredom. As a result, these are usually the ones with bacteria from being touched so often. Clean them regularly with alcohol wipes that have at least 70% alcohol. Of course, you should be careful to not get it on important hardware so that your devices don’t become damaged as a result.

High-touch surfaces at home

As the name suggests, high-touch surfaces are any surface that is touched or that comes in contact with a large volume of people within a certain amount of time. Many things at home classify as high-touch surfaces, including doorknobs, light switches, desks, chairs, dining tables, kitchen counters, and more. Even if you yourself haven’t been infected, those groceries you had delivered that you left on the kitchen top can have the virus. That’s why it’s crucial you do thorough disinfection through disinfecting sprays and solutions.

Car paraphernalia

Similar to the above item, high-touch surfaces in cars include door handles, steering wheels, the gear shift, and more. If you’re using your car to travel for essentials, you might be unknowingly getting germs on it the minute you enter your vehicle after grocery shopping. Much like the high-touch surfaces at home, you can apply similar methods to disinfecting your car. Make sure you’re not leaving possible bacteria after each use.


Last but not least, floors can also gather germs and viruses with people constantly stepping on them. Not cleaning them may harm you and even your pets who are constantly on all fours. Always do regular mopping, but do note that what may work on some floor types may not work on others. Take that into consideration before you do your cleaning. Aside from that, avoid going barefoot so your feet are protected from possible germs on your floor.

At the end of the day, cleanliness and hygiene is important in protecting yourself during this pandemic. Exerting effort on this, as well as practicing other guidelines such as sneezing and coughing etiquette and not touching your face, can do wonders in flattening the curve. But remember, you shouldn’t just apply this only when a health crisis is in place. You must also be this thorough no matter the situation in order to prevent any kind of disease from harming you or your family.

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