Turning Passion to Cash for Filipinas

Empowered Filipinas could transform their hobbies into viable and sustainable businesses, as the pandemic keeps everyone in their homes.

During the Hobbies to Monies: Practical Women’s Guide to Starting Small Business at Home, a free to the public webinar hosted by the We Women Program of  Malayan Insurance Co. Inc.; Jeannie E. Javelosa shared her expertise in line with turning one’s passion into something more productive.

Ms. Jeannie Javelosa, a business woman who is widely known for her support in woman empowerment and inclusion initiatives, is the co-founder of the ECHOstore Sustainable Lifestyle and the Gender Responsive Economic Actions for the Transformation of Women (GREAT Women).

During the webinar, she explained that as more women start to cook, plant, embroider, among others, they should find that unique selling proposition in their products or services to make it more appealing to customers while they do their business from home.

“You should not think of just your product and how you will sell it. You should also think of the bigger picture,” Javelosa said.

Filipinas must think of why they want to turn their hobbies into businesses. They should ask themselves questions such as what is my skill, where can I get my capital, is my product unique, where is my market, how will I market my product, and what should be learned further going into the business.

“I think small business and the world is now more open to entrepreneurs, we need entrepreneurial minds, because not all of us can work for big companies. So, we have side steps like on the weekends, we can do a lot of things if we really want to do it,” she added.

Melissabeth Zambrona from the Underwriting division of Malayan Insurance, and We Women Program Manager, also pointed out that insurance can help Filipinas protect their expanding businesses from risks. While Filipinas often think of starting their small businesses, the webinar pointed out the need for addressing unforeseen events through insurance protection.

Malayan Insurance’s Simply The Easiest Live Assistant (STELA) solutions roster which includes STELA Biz Red, and STELA Biz Silver and Gold, are products tailor-fit to address the needs of women with businesses.

“We are really excited in venturing our STELA, the first non-life insurance product specifically designed for women,” Zambrona said.

STELA Biz Red is an insurance coverage for businesses with formal branches or offices which protects the physical branch or structure as well as its contents.

STELA Biz Silver and Gold are perfect for online entrepreneurs working at home and for micro and small enterprises (SMEs). These include fire assistance of up to P50,000, among others, to help these women entrepreneurs protect their businesses in unforeseen events, especially in case of fire.

STELA solutions aim to be the partner of every woman entrepreneur. The coverage of which is bespoke to every woman according to her lifestyle, life stages and status.

Malayan Insurance is the country’s leading non-life insurance company, with 34 branches and service offices nationwide and digital operations, providing guaranteed peace of mind through world-class protection products and good customer experiences. It is a member of the Yuchengco Group of Companies. Visit Malayan Insurance at www.malayan.com.

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