What To Do For Your Startup Business

Slowly but surely, women have become more involved in participating in their very own businesses. In fact, women have led a wide range of industries here in the Philippines – ranging from retail, fashion, the arts, and more. This list of the ten most prominent business women in the Philippines is proof enough that women can make it in whatever venture they put their mind to.

Still, this doesn’t mean that starting a business is easy. These women, as successful as they are, started with nothing, then worked their way up to reach where they are now. With hard work and drive, you can reach the heights they have as well. But first, you should start with a business to venture in. Here are some you can explore:

Online shop

One business you can get into is online entrepreneurship. You can sell your goods through various platforms such as Carousell, Lazada, Shopee, and more. You can even set up a social media page or website and sell from there. The great thing about getting into this type of business is that you can sell your pre-loved items rather than just have them collect dust in your storage room. Aside from that, you can also employ the strategy of buying items nearing being pulled out in stores and sell them for a reasonable price once said items have been discontinued.

Events planning

Among other businesses you can get into is planning different events. From weddings to corporate parties to birthday celebrations, there are lots of events you can do. You can choose to specialize in a specific type and be known in that field, or you can diversify your portfolio by planning them all. Either way, it’s not going to be easy. It would require a combination of leg work, sleepless nights, demanding clients, difficult suppliers, etc. But with the right attitude, you’ll be able to start a great event planning service in no time.


Do you have a flair for cooking? Then perhaps the catering business is the one for you. This line of work is very lucrative as events are happening everywhere, and they’ll need food no matter what. Try to create a menu that’s cohesive yet diverse in its offerings. For example, if your catering business is centered on Filipino food, you should keep it consistent but with enough diversity such as different meats, desserts, and whatnot. This will ensure you have a core specialty without sacrificing variety.

Fitness training

If you’ve finished your degree in health science or something similar, perhaps you can try your hand at personal fitness training. Here, you get to work with a diverse set of clients and determine their needs based on health assessment and their own goals. You meet with them every session and help them achieve their fitness goals. This type of business is quite fulfilling as you’re guiding people who may not be at their best health to become much healthier. Essentially, you are part of a person’s journey to becoming a better version of themselves.


It’s understandable to feel intimidated at the thought of starting your own food brand. To lessen the pressure, you can opt to get a franchise of an existing well-established chain first. This saves you the work of having to build up said brand as more likely than not, the franchise itself is quite popular that you don’t need much marketing. From there, it’s all about choosing the right location depending on the type of franchise. For example, if you’re availing a franchise for a food kiosk, it’s ideal for you to choose a location with lots of foot traffic and more potential customers.

Creative freelancing

Becoming a freelancer has its pros and cons, and among the pros is being able to control pretty much everything. This includes your rates, your time, and your capacity to take on a certain number of projects. With your talents, you can offer different services such as blog writing, graphic design, community management, hosting, photography, and more. This also has the benefit of you getting pretty much every cent of the payment instead of having to share it with an agency. And who knows? This may just be a gateway for you to start your own agency in the future.

If you’re still looking for possible businesses to take part in, you can see several comprehensive lists online. They are often listed based on their feasibility and their potential to become lucrative. Despite this, you should always take into account what kind of business you want to do. Don’t enter something that you yourself aren’t passionate about, as this can lead to you being unhappy in the future. Instead, do something that you truly care about so all your efforts are worth it.

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